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Friday, 5 November 2010

Total Licensing heads to Croatia and Taiwan

Next week, Total Licensing will be samplings the delights that Croatia has to offer, at Licensing New Europe, which by all accounts is looking to be a fantastic show, with exhibitors including 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Fremantle Media Enterprises, Europacorp, Vipo and Bruno Productions, as well as top licensing agents including Kidz Entertainment/EEMC, European Licensing Company (ELC) and Plus Licens.
It was recently confirmed that the Croatian president
Ivo Josipović has given the show his official backing.
Not sure if David Cameron will be doing the same for Brand Licensing, although it is an important point to make that sometimes, people outside of the licensing industry are not aware of what a revenue-driver licensing is.
Total Licensing will simultaneously be traveling to Taiwan next week, to visit the
Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, which will be a fascinating look at the country and it's culture. For a country so renowned for manufacturing, it will be very interesting to see the country's take on licensing.
Then, comes the Winter issue. Check our website for detailed info on the features and other things coming up.

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  1. Francesca,
    I look forward to seeing you in Zagreb.

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